Uhoh, Lenni Want’s to be on YouTube

If you’ve been keeping up with me on Facebook or on Twitter or even here, you may notice I’m all up in YouTube with the gaming walkthroughs will commentary. CrazyShootin started it all and now I’m on TheRadBrad, inLove, and agentjr watching games that I haven’t gotten to play or want to play… Or have been ruined for me by my ex. But that’s a long and depressing story. :p

Now, I am DYIN to get the tech necessary to record myself playing these games because hilarity ensues when I get frustrated or scared of these things. Also, what better platform to talk about my life than horror games? ;D It would be a much more comfortable way for me to start a vlog since that’s the thing people do these days. Playing the games gives something for my adoring public to watch instead of my face.

Yeah, I’m late to the party train with all of this but I kinda don’t care. Watch or not, it’s up to you. I’m still saving up the money for the tech to do this and for a PS4 (the release date for Silent Hills isn’t till next year! I have time!) so don’t count on it going up right away. But it’s coming!

I suppose the main reason for me to want to do this is because I enjoy watching others so much, I’d like to add my voice to the cacophony, as it were. I don’t plan for it to make any money or for me to be particularly good at it or for me to upload all the time (as you can see I don’t even update my regular blog very much), but I think it would be fun!



I weigh in on GamerGate

The hashtag was flipping every where so I read up on it and thank you so much Wired for summing it up for me. Since everyone in the universe is talking about it, why shouldn’t I chime in?

This scares me for a multitude of reasons… First and foremost, I like gaming and I’m not half bad at it. As I’ve posted before, I thought it’d be cool to make vids and such. Now, I’m scared to even talk on the internet lest some crazy ex of mine ruin the shit out of my life.

But I’m boring so, that’s not likely.

The biggest reason? I have a daughter who is a budding gamer. She loves this and has even expressed a desire to make her own games one day.

Nothing would make me prouder. Well, my daughter could grow up to anything she wanted and as long as she was happy with her life, I’d be the proudest mother in the universe. But she says “Mama! I wanna make my own games one day!” She draws characters, devises how her enemies will attack and how the hero will defend. She writes plots, listens eagerly to her mama’s rants about escort missions and glitchy enemies, and takes it all in like an adorable sponge. She cut her teeth on Brave for the PS3 and she is the one who introduced me to Amnesia* from a picture in a gaming magazine I’d left around. I see such amazing potential in her; this bouncy, creative little brownie who scampers around my house.

Is what happened to Zoe Quinn what awaits my daughter? Is slut-shaming and death threats the result of her speaking out against something she doesn’t like? Or making something innovative? Hell, or even making something relatively mediocre!

As a woman it’s scary, as a person who creates things to be consumed by the masses it’s scary, and as a mother, it’s fucking terrifying.

So the gaming world may be changing, the demographics are changing, the prices, the consoles, blah, blah, blah… Damnit, me and my kid just wanna play cool games. We wanna laugh, we wanna be scared, we wanna have adventures! And we shouldn’t be afraid to let people know we want those things. I shouldn’t be scared someone would read this and start threatening my life.

Just play games and be cool. Is that too much to ask?

*I keep her away from most scary games. Too much violence and straight up creepy shit.

Does this count as a promotion?

As I hope you know by this point, I have been reviewing books and other sundry things I come across over at Otakus and Geeks for some time now; still being amazed at the fact anyone gives a crap about what I think. As it stands, I am apparently so freaking awesome, I have been made editor.

Now, I’m sure you’ll laugh because I did. I make some pretty awesome typos in my own posts here so it’s funny someone else would trust me to edit their work. But there it is! Woohoo!


Law Of Attraction Experiment

People come into the library asking for this stuff all the time and due to my strange zeal to acquire free books, I own about 80 books on this subject in various forms. Because if it’s all hoakey bullshit, I don’t want to shell out money for hoakey bullshit.

Still, people swear up and down this shit works. I figure why not give it a whirl? Already I’m not starting off on the right foot (according to the books) by even in jest calling it “hoakey” and “shit” but isn’t the whole point of this to turn y0ur thoughts around?

Earlier this month, I went through my kindle and separated out all the law of attraction stuff into it’s on category and I’m working my way though them (they’re short so it doesn’t take long to read one or two in an afternoon) and we’ll see how it works. I mean the worst that could happen is I waste my time reading free books and thinking good thoughts.  It’s a win/win here.



August Writing Update

Ever get one of those chapters where you just can’t seem to figure out what to do? You’ve basically written yourself into a corner? That’s how I spent the first half of the month. It was driving me crazy!

But the last week and a half or so have been much better. Despite dealing with the back to school rush (why the heck do you wait till the last week of summer break to START mailing out class and supply information!!!???) I have been working at a steady clip. In fact, I’ve freaked out people because I’m cackling as I’m working… Probably not a good sign. Or is it a good sign? Well, my characters may not think so.

Anyway, this month’s work hasn’t been steady but it’s been good. I also have two more reviews under my belt and another on deck.

I’m pondering a speed reading course… Seriously.

So, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! :D Take a breather, then get ready for Fall!

Random Video Thoughts

Thar be cussin so you were warned.

I am fucking obsessed with this game. I am willing to buy a PS4 for this game. Maybe I’ll turn into one of those YouTubers who record themselves playing because I can guarantee my reactions will be comedy gold. I spend most of this trailer in a fetal position hiding behind my hands.

Now all I have to do is calculate how much plasma I need to sell in order to afford the system…


Books I Bought Today

The Gift of Volkeye by Marque Strickland and Wrinklegus PoisonTongue

The Lost City: Drake’s Revenge by D.L. Colon amd Christina Escue



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