Weight Loss Challenge Update

I always swear I’ll do weekly updates and it never works out… Well, anyways, here we go.

It’s been a little over a month since I started this, and here’s the stats as of this morning:

Starting weight: 199

Current weight: 193

Not bad at all, if I say so myself. And it’s not only the scale. A dress I bought that didn’t fit (swearing I’d lose weight one day) I can not only get in to, I can breathe, sit down, and zip it up. I couldn’t do that a month ago.

For the record, the dress looks like this:


Only with shorter sleeves.

Now if only I can get my hair to do that…

I’ve also been very good about using the Just 6 Weeks app. I managed to nab it when it was free and now I’m up to 216 squats without feeling like I can’t walk the next day. The next challenge for me with the app is the sit up section.

So, that’s how it’s been going so far. And with motivation like that, I’m psyched to keep going. ;)

A Writer And Her Vices

I spent my weekend watching awesome movies and one of the movies I watched was Reaching for the Moon. It was a beautiful movie but the poet; Elizabeth Bishop (played by Miranda Otto) has a drinking problem. I see a lot of that in movies and it really got me wondering what is it about writers (or creative types in general) that lends itself to substance abuse. This article from The Guardian talks about how prevalent this is and us creative types seem to really have issues with trying to drown our demons.

So, what is it about the creative process that drives us to drugs and alcohol? Personally, I don’t have issues with drinking (I’ve often said I’m too cheap to be an alcoholic or drug addict… That shit COSTS!) but man, the creative juices flow easier when the wine flows with it. Is there so much going on in our heads that to calm it down, we use (or abuse) drugs or alcohol? Are there so many people, places, and plot lines all slamming against the day to day bullshit we have to slog through to keep the lights on and the roof patched that to just free the muse and get him/her to focus, you have to ply inspiration with a shot of bourbon? Is non-creative life so abysmal to us that a line of cocaine is the only way to push it completely out of the way to let us work?

Its an odd thing to afflict so many of us; and the best of us at that. What is haunting us? What’s haunting you?

The Scatteriest of Brains

Of course I pick the week where I’m working two nights to forget my phone on the first night I’m working.

And of course it’s the evening when I decide I’m going to just post all over the interwebz.

I had to log into the websites on a desktop like some sort of cave person!

Woe is me… ;)

Lenni’s on Tumblr

Although I don’t use it much, I do possess a Tumblr account. There isn’t much of anything in it but there might be at some point. If you’d like to follow me there, that’d be cool. :)



Another Review!!

The free promotion totally paid off in the form of this review! A big thank you to Sidney, who gifted my book with a 5 star review! Part of which includes:

I cannot understand why these books aren’t widely read. One of these days Lenni will be an author everyone reads. Get ahead of the curve and start reading her now.

I don’t understand either, my friend.

Better Than Fiction

Reality once again comes prancing along with some of your favorite horror tropes. Harvard University has stumbled across books bound in human skin.

My favorite part of the article is someone had to stop and mention the university won’t start actively seeking books bound in human flesh. Is there a market for such things these days? Or did the ebook kill that market?

March 2014 Birchbox


Right on the heels (pun not intended) of me making lip balm that ended up as cracked heel cream (and friends tell me it’s AWESOME for cuticles) Birchbox sends me foot cream. I laughed. The coincidence was too adorable.

There’s a lot I want to try in this box. Since I’m in my 30′s now, I am concerned about the state of my skin. I don’t look older than I actually am and I’d like to keep it that way. The idea of an all purpose skin moisturizer is a relief. Anyone who works with me or lives with me knows I am a stickler for moisturizing. I think that and staying hydrated are key to maintaining good skin. The all purpose and citrus will be the first to be tested.

The only other thing I’ve tried so far out of all the things in this box is the chocolate. Sadly, I am not a fan of it. I am really lame. I like my fruit with my fruit and my chocolate with my chocolate. Some people do, it’s just not my thing.

I haven’t been wearing makeup regularly lately so the other three products will just have to wait until I do. ;)

Even though I wasn’t pleased with the chocolate, I love when Birchbox sends food in these things. I think that should be a regular thing.


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