August Writing Update

Ever get one of those chapters where you just can’t seem to figure out what to do? You’ve basically written yourself into a corner? That’s how I spent the first half of the month. It was driving me crazy!

But the last week and a half or so have been much better. Despite dealing with the back to school rush (why the heck do you wait till the last week of summer break to START mailing out class and supply information!!!???) I have been working at a steady clip. In fact, I’ve freaked out people because I’m cackling as I’m working… Probably not a good sign. Or is it a good sign? Well, my characters may not think so.

Anyway, this month’s work hasn’t been steady but it’s been good. I also have two more reviews under my belt and another on deck.

I’m pondering a speed reading course… Seriously.

So, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! :D Take a breather, then get ready for Fall!

Random Video Thoughts

Thar be cussin so you were warned.

I am fucking obsessed with this game. I am willing to buy a PS4 for this game. Maybe I’ll turn into one of those YouTubers who record themselves playing because I can guarantee my reactions will be comedy gold. I spend most of this trailer in a fetal position hiding behind my hands.

Now all I have to do is calculate how much plasma I need to sell in order to afford the system…


Books I Bought Today

The Gift of Volkeye by Marque Strickland and Wrinklegus PoisonTongue

The Lost City: Drake’s Revenge by D.L. Colon amd Christina Escue


August 2014 Birchbox


Sorry the image is a little crappy. I snapped it real quick with my phone. This month’s box contains:

First things first; the lipbalm. I’ve gotten lip products from Benefit before and I always enjoyed them. They give me just enough color to be fancier than plain chapstick and moisturize enough that I don’t have to layer chapstick under or over it. I may buy this but I also buy regular chapstick in bulk and have a ton of it. We’ll have to see when it runs out.

The breath spray is nice to have. I tossed it right in my bag and it was good to pull out as needed when having gum or candy wasn’t appropriate.

The rest I haven’t tried yet… I’ll get to them eventually. ;)



Another light goes out…

Many people say what needs to be said much better than I ever could. And although Robin Williams is gone, I share The Bloggess’ feelings; it’s a trigger to those of us who battle depression every day.

I have heard some amazing fails at advice though the years:

  1. I should make you happy enough that you shouldn’t be depressed anymore.
  2. If you’re strong enough, you get over it.
  3. That shouldn’t have insulted you enough to make you depressed. You’re just being dramatic.

And on and on and on…

Mr. Williams made no bones about how he faced down the insidious demon that is depression; made so dangerous by the fact it convinces you you don’t need help and enabled by a public who thinks getting help is considered weakness. Let me tell you as someone who has looked fondly at a sharp object like it was an exit sign, calling and BEGGING for help was the hardest thing I have ever done. Keeping up with therapy is hard because the demon says to you “You’re fine. You don’t need to go. Just stay home.” The next thing you know,  you’re curled up in a ball and you can’t move and you don’t even know why.

I cannot be presumptuous enough to tell any fellow sufferer that it magically all gets better. But I can tell you that if you give up the fight, you’ll never know. So, make it one week. If you can make it one week, make it another. Then another. Next thing you know, 10 years have gone by and things might actually be better.

Just keep trying. Be HERE. It’s hard, but be HERE; in the present moment. Because you can. And that moment may be awesome.

I love this…

Every so often, I end up being in my graphic novel section at the same time as patrons. Today, I happened to overhear a couple of young guys talking about books we don’t have and me being nosy as shit, I asked what they were looking for. At first I got the stock why-is-this-woman-talking-to-me response (you know, like when a sales associate keeps asking if you need help and all you wanna do is get one thing and get the hell out without talking to anyone) but when I said, “I’m always looking for patron suggestions.” holy CRAP, did their eyes light up! They were surprised I was able to get so many and started excitedly naming things they’d like to see. Heck, I even got one of them to jump for joy. How often does a librarian get that?

For a second, this unassuming lady was a hero to these guys. I love my job. ;)



Random Video Thoughts

I really must thank my friend for introducing this YouTube channel to me.



I now have begun to shop for an axe to cut pizza and cake with. Because, reasons.


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