Needlework News! Midnight Blue Scarf

IMG_3593 (2)

This scarf is crochet from dark blue acrylic yarn I enjoy working with the darker colors because it’s more wintery; if that makes any sense.

Needlework News! Light Blue Scarf


This short scarf is knit with sky blue acrylic yarn. It’s shorter than I usually work my scarves but it’s still toasty warm!

Needlework Update! Rainbow Crochet Scarf



This scarf is made from acrylic yarn and is crocheted to be nice and long so you can wrap it around a few times. I liked the rainbow colors of this yarn. It’s very upbeat and bright.

Stash busting is hard going but plugging along. I am really excited to get all this yarn outta here. :)




Working my way through the pile!

Ever since BEA, I’ve been reading my little (or not so little) tush off! So far I have these reviews done!

  1. Desert Rising by Kelly Grant
  2. The Geeky Chef Cookbook by Cassandra Reeder
  3. Evolution by Lissa Kasey
  4. Veiled Empire by Nathan Garrison

Granted this the tip of a very large iceberg of books but some are shorter than others so more will be forethcoming!

Needlework News! Twinkle Scarf


This scarf is made from acrylic yarn and is 45 inches long and 3 inches wide. It’s long enough to wrap around your neck several times or be left to drape down.

Next week a new one will be up! :D

June 2015 BirchBox

I am very pleased with the sunscreen since it’s all hot now and I’m doing my level best to wear as little clothing as possible. It’s not thick and gross on my skin and even though I could do without the smell, it’s not terrible. I’m more likely to pass it on to the kiddo who likes perfumey stuff like that.

The rest I have not tried yet but I like the idea behind the adventure box. It’s a cool theme! I hope they keep doing cool themes like that because just when I think of cancelling, they send something like this. :)

Checking in and New Needlework!

I’ve been diligent about my stash busting so it’s time to start posting what I’ve finished! :D


This pink cammo scarf is 55in long and 8in wide. It’s crocheted with acrylic yarn. I’m enjoying using up all the yarn I bought. It’s such a shame that it’s so easy to see pretty yarn and buy it without even a project in mind. So, expect to see a lot of scarves and washcloths being posted here in the future. Since those work up really fast and are easy for me to do, it’s my sure fire way to bust my yarn stash for good. :)


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