August Loote Crate!


Not that I needed another mug but this month’s LooteCrate was very awesome! I’d been thinking about getting an apron but I usually don’t spill things on myself when I’m cooking so I put it off. But now I have one! :D

I guess there really isn’t much to say about this other than once again, I’ve been sent some awesome stuff!

Total Site Revamp!

There were some really strange glitches and spam links showing up on my site so I finally just bit the bullet and revamped the whole thing. I hope it runs smoothly and please let me know if there are any broken links. The link is in my sidebar but you can also click here.

If you’ll notice, the preview chapters are gone and my store is now linked to a different site; which will be explained in more detail in a future post once I get more stuff posted in it. Eventually, if the site gets more hits and I sell more books, I’ll be making pages with character profiles, fan art; you name it.

But in addition to the new site, I’ve been working so hard on new writing, new needlework, and even more reviews. My popularity can be a burden when it comes to reviews but hey, it is what it is. :) All it does is show me that while writing and reading are my passions, treating it all like a business is paying off!

And there’s no stopping me now! :D

Even More Scarves!

Two new scarves all done! :D


Fallen Leaves Scarf – Acrylic Yarn (46inx8.5in)


Light Blue Scarf with Dark Blue Border (76inx4in)

New Needlework!





Another needlework update from my stash busting mission!



Orange Scarf – Acrylic Yarn (67inx4.5in)




Orange and Black Striped Scarf – Acrylic Yarn (48inx9.5in)

Needlework News! Midnight Blue Scarf

IMG_3593 (2)

This scarf is crochet from dark blue acrylic yarn I enjoy working with the darker colors because it’s more wintery; if that makes any sense.

Needlework News! Light Blue Scarf


This short scarf is knit with sky blue acrylic yarn. It’s shorter than I usually work my scarves but it’s still toasty warm!

Needlework Update! Rainbow Crochet Scarf



This scarf is made from acrylic yarn and is crocheted to be nice and long so you can wrap it around a few times. I liked the rainbow colors of this yarn. It’s very upbeat and bright.

Stash busting is hard going but plugging along. I am really excited to get all this yarn outta here. :)





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