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Click on the picture above and you will see a link to my shiny new Patreon page! :D Supporting me there will enable me to write and create even more awesome things for you all! And yes, the woman in the image on my page is indeed Darjeeling and I also sketched that myself!

Any amount is appreciated and I like to believe I’ve posted some pretty cool rewards. Feel free to let me know if there is something else you’d like to see from me! :)


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Cold and Gross Monday…

Sadly it’s snowing again but there’s plenty for me to feel loved and warm inside. I checked on my books on Amazon and I got two more 5 star reviews; one on Old Soldier and one on Djinn. I’m always nervous about checking for reviews on my books; waiting for that dreaded 1 star review but so far, the lowest rating I’ve ever gotten was 4 stars.

I love when I get feedback from my readers. Even though I can see sales, it’s nice to know the person took the time to tell others what they thought of my work. I am so grateful for it so a big thanks to you all! :D



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Blessed Imbolc and…

Wow, it’s February already! With this Imbolc, I really do feel the impending warmth of spring, an increase in my blessings, and the positive energy inside me willing to work hard to keep the good times rolling!

Not only that, today is my 35th birthday! Man, I cannot believe how much better my life is now than when I was 25… Heck, when I was 34! I have significantly less poison in my life, I wake up smiling more often than not, my books are selling better every month, and me and my daughter are closer than ever. Over the last year alone, I really took much more control over my own success and I intend to keep it going! :D

Really, I never thought I’d slowly turn into the type of person who really did wake up and feel happy at how the gods have blessed me in various ways; ways I may not have seen at first but now it’s all clearing up.

So, here’s to 35! Time to make it an even better year than the last!


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January Loot Crate!


This months theme was Invasion! I am loving everything in this crate but of course…


I love the face hugger plushie the best. It’s just too damn happy to be eating my face.


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New Story Up!

I’ve had this one kicking around for awhile now and I’ve finally cleaned it up enough to sell! At least in my opinion, at any rate… But with no further ado, here is Djinn; an urban fantasy short story about a mysterious woman and her annoying genie, Todd.

And for the low price of only $0.99! Check it out!

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All set!

My account at Goodreads is all set! I’m also set up with an author account so all’s good! I’ll work out how widgets and such work later.

Tonight, sadly, my poor kiddo has a virus (waiting for strep results until tomorrow) and I’m being Nurse Mama until Monday. Poor thing was puking at school and the nurse made sure to get a hold of me ASAP so I could get the kid out of there. This is the second weekend in a row of sickness! Ah well…


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Goodbye, Shelfari.


It seems Shelfari and Goodreads are merging. Personally, I preferred Shelfari but ah well.

If you follow me on Goodreads, you may notice that I have removed all my books. Every single one. The reason for this is I exported all my Shelfari books to a .csv and the last time I did this, Goodreads didn’t save my want to read, reading, and read books. They all went in a great big 1500 book lump that I refused to go through a book at a time to fix. This time, the export is supposed to retain those categories so rather than deal with deleting duplicates, I cleaned out my Goodreads in preparation for the import.

The import can take up to 24 hours to complete. Don’t freak out that all my books are gone.

See ya at the new site!

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